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The Caverns Part 1 & 2
[ Download from this server (4.48 Mb) ] 2011-12-31, 5:21 PM
>This was uploaded as an example of how your games could look.

>Describe your game.
To win you must get the crystal then get to the end door. You can find ammo and health around each map. Gold and chests give you extra points. There are 10 levels to complete. Different objects and treasures can be found around each map. Has a Doom-like style. Wooden crates are breakable, and metal crates are indestructable. Difficult gameplay. New creatures and textures.

>If you used a program for the game, or resources, credit them here.
Made in Raycasting Game Maker
Resources by me

>Add images to the description.

>Maybe add videos (using Youtube, they have embed codes). I have none, so I post none.
>When uploading, there'll be 2 options for your file. Upload it (15mb max.) or link to an external download site. I'd recommend the external site choice, since I may run out of hosting space if you upload them (hence the 15mb limit).
>REMEMBER TO ADD A DOWNLOAD LINK. Unless it's a work in progress, you want to show people first.
Category: Weird | Added by: cork279 | Tags: The, Monster, game, razorcast, caverns
Views: 2230 | Downloads: 418 | Comments: 4 | Rating: 5.0/1
Total comments: 3
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2 BigMek  
Nice game, i like it. This is your first RGM game?

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3 cork279  
Yes, these were my first two games smile
I decided to put them together. It wasn't supposed to be much. Just had a l'il spare time, so I made them.

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1 cork279  
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